Banana Republic tan ‘Whitlie’ knee boots

tan knee boots

Banana Republic ‘Whitlie‘, £150

Well, it’s taken years (and years) of searching, but last week I thought my search for the perfect pair of tan knee boots was FINALLY at an end, when I came across Banana Republic’s ‘Whitlie’ boots.

Now, I’m honestly not exaggerating when I say I’ve been searching for boots like this for YEARS. You’d think a pair of simple tan boots would be REALLY easy to find at this time of year, wouldn’t you? After all, they’re a classic: the kind of boot that regularly appears on those lists of “the ten things every woman must own”. I don’t actually subscribe to those kind of lists – I think people are far too different to all “need” exactly the same clothes or footwear – but tan boots ARE one of the things THIS woman must own, and although I do own an over-the-knee pair (which I ruined the heels of last year: thanks, Edinburgh cobbles!) and a low-heeled, semi-slouchy pair, neither of them are PERFECT. The PERFECT tan boots, you see, are knee high, slim in the leg (not slouchy), with an almond toe and a stiletto heel. They’re pretty much exactly like Banana Republic’s ‘Whitlie’, in other words.

So why are these NOT perfect? Why isn’t my search over? Well, although they’re definitely right on the money in the looks department, having checked the dimensions on the Banana Republic website, I think the calf would be too wide for my liking. (Props to BR for actually listing the calf width, by the way: many shoe retailers just don’t bother, and it’s the most important factor for me where knee boots are concerned.) I’m gutted. These would definitely have been on their way to me at some point this year, but as I’m determined to find a pair that are truly “perfect”, rather than simply “good enough”, I’m going to continue with my search.

If there ARE perfect for you, however, you might like to know that they’re also available in black, and both colours are available to order from the Banana Republic website.

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  • They are rather gorgeous, I too am on a search for the perfect tan and/or brown knee boot, but I want a slightly chunkier heel, to walk further distances more comfortably, ie think sightseeing for the day with a new boyfriend, so looking effortlessly gorgeous, but not complaining my feet hurt! If you come across anything suitable, please share! Actually I could do with the same remit in black, the ones I have flat and uber comfortable, but not so great on the sexy front, lol!

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