Irregular Choice red Lady Bow court shoes

I’ve mentioned before that, despite loving (and, OK, sometimes hating) the brand, I don’t actually own any shoes by Irregular Choice. I think these red ‘Lady Bow’ court shoes should be the first (when I can afford them, that is). Even although they have a bit of a cartoonish feel to them, which is very typical of IC, I love the curved shape of the uppers, the square button on the toe, and, of course, the bow:

They’re shoes that don’t take themselves too seriously, and I can’t help but smile when I look at them.

I like to think they’d smile back at me, too, if they possibly could.

(Click here to buy them for £78)


  • You are so right, there are so many Irregular Choice styles that i love and so many I don’t… it’s OK so… I have at least 7 pairs of Irregular Choice, and this week I’m planning to buy one more… they make me smile as well!
    This one is really so sweet! I loved the bow and the color! Go ahead, you will look lovely (a bit more!) wearing them!

  • I definitely understand the hate/love relationship with IC. I own two pairs and the same problem has occurred with both, making me decide never again to buy them unless marked down. The reason? These shoes are simply too delicate. One day to work in my Longer Lashes boots (no tripping, no falling) and I had managed to damage them. The other pair I walked to dinner in on a paved road and the heels have never recovered. While neither pairs have irreparable damage, the truth is clear: these shoes were made for sitting, not walking and for their price (not sky-high but not at all a ‘bargain,’) I think the quality is lacking. Too bad they are absolutely adorable!

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