Clear thigh-high boots from Cheap Monday

Be honest, now: when you read the title of this post, you really didn’t have high hopes of these boots, did you? There’s just something about the phrase “clear, thigh high boots” that makes you think they’ll probably be being worn with some kind of “Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman” inspired outfit, no?

Well, you were wrong about that last point, at least, because these ones are being worn with a skintight white body suit. Which isn’t a whole lot better, is it?

On to the boots themselves, though: they’re an over-the-knee style which comes in a transparent plastic. I’m trying to think of something positive to say about them here, but the most I can come up with is “they’re probably waterproof” and … no, actually, that’s it.

Oh. and there’s also an ankle-high version:

Now, I guess you could wear these with socks or tights underneath. It would mean you’d be able to get a different look every day, just by changing the colour of your hosiery, and that could be kinda cool. (Oh, look! I found something positive to say!) Worn with bare feet, though, as well as making me wonder about the, er, sweat factor, also reminds me of a girl I saw standing at a bus stop in Edinburgh earlier this week. She was wearing grey leggings with a pair of nude-coloured ballet flats, and, from a bit of a distance, she really looked like she wandering around outside in bare feet. It wasn’t just me who thought that either, because as we drove by, Shoeperman noticed me turning my head round to look at her and said, “You totally thought that girl was out in bare feet, didn’t you?” And she really did. I’ve made a mental note to only ever buy “nude” shoes with heels, for this very reason.

But I digress. If you wear these without any hosiery, you’ll look a little bit like you’re not wearing any shoes (and are walking on your toes). Does that sound like the look you’ve been waiting for? Well, as a shoe lover, the idea of shoes that don’t look like shoes is anathema to me, but if you love it, you’ll find plenty more images over at the Cheap Monday website.

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  • The more fashion blogs I read, the more I’m convinced that fellow bloggers can style much better than the pro stylists! The outfit above is horrible..
    Too bad I lost the link to a post of one of the scandinavian bloggers who styled those boots so nicely, I instantly fell in love))

    And, haha, notice the header of my last post..

  • On the one hand, eww. On the other, I adore my socks, and it always makes me a wee bit sad when no one can see them..but I’d always have to ensure they matched.
    I’ll stick with eww.

  • lol i actually really like these, ive seen them before. i think its probably cause i just have a thing about wellies (yes, these blatantly are wellie related), and clear shoes are sick, they make you look like you can walk on your toes 😀

  • I just think any clothes or shoes that are clear look very cheap. I don’t care how much they cost.

  • Haha, love the expression on the model’s face! It’s as if she’s thinking, “why am I wearing these hooker boots with a tacky looking body suit? I didn’t sign up for the job to wear this.”

  • sure they look “good” on the runway where it is nice and dry…show them to me after a rainstorm or slogging around a slushy street when they have mud splatters or the odd salt stain on them…the emperor’s new boots are fail in my book

    • I LOVE them too Julia, but for some reason, these bloggers don’t give you a ‘price’, nor do they tell you where you can find the boots.

      • Well, I certainly don’t feel like helping people who are cheeky to me, no. People who ask politely are much more likely to get the information they’re looking for. Or, of course, they could simply read the post.

  • nice!! But what about feet without socks in plastic? Should sweat as much , and anyone can see fog in this shoe.

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