Casadei Blade pumps with ankle straps

red suede Casadei Blade pumps with sweetheart vamp and ankle strap Casadei Blade in red suede think metal heel on red Casadei Blade pump

Casadei Blade, $820

Casadei’s ‘Blade’ pumps need to introduction: I’ve written about them a few times here, and no matter how many subtle variations the brand releases in this style, I still can’t get enough of that dangerous-looking “blade” heel.

This season’s incarnation of the Casadei classic comes in a variety of colours, but of course, this rich red suede is my favourite. I also love the sweetheart vamp – always a detail guaranteed to make me like a shoe a little bit more – and although ankle straps aren’t my favourite footwear feature, the delicacy of this one, and the lovely contrast of metallic leather against soft suede, makes it a perfect addition to the style.

These are such a classic that there’s not much more to say about them: other than that I’d happily have a pair in every colour if I possibly could. Some things never go out of style…

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  • Shoeaholics have the nine west itgirl pumps that bear a marked resemblance to the casadei blade and I am totally lusting after them now that they’ve come within my shoe budget- this is totally your fault Amber! You introduced me to both shoeaholics and made me love the blade pumps! Not that I resented being introduced to either at the time but they have now combined forces to produce supercharged shoe cryptonite! now where was my purse . . .


  • I touched my first pair of Casadei’s in Paris this weekend. I’ve only ever admired them from afar since we don’t have any stockists locally, but I have to say they’re every bit as impressive in real life, beautifully crafted shoes! I actually tried on a pair of neon pink suede peep toes which in normal circumstances I wouldn’t have looked twice at, but the shape was just so perfect!

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