ShoeperStar: Krysten Ritter in Aldo ‘Troiano’

Krysten Ritten in red Aldo pumps

Just to prove that not all celebrities wear borrowed designer shoes (which are normally at least two sizes too large for them) to movie premieres, here’s actress Krysten Ritter wearing a pair of Aldo’s ‘Troiano’ pumps to the premiere of “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23” (Which is a kind of odd name for a film, don’t you think? Doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue,…) last week.

These shoes also come in black and beige, and are a great example of a simple shoe done right. They’re just a pair of high street pumps, but the bright colour guaranteed that my eyes went right to her feet when I opened up these images. That sounded creepy, didn’t it? OK, my eyes went straight to her shoes, then. And stayed there.

These are £75: click here to buy them at Aldo.


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