Promise Shoes ‘Jerri’ polka dot sandals

polka dot platform sandals

Promise Shoes ‘Jerri’, $49.99

Has it really been almost a month since I last showed you a pair of polka dot shoes? Well, I obviously can’t have that, so without further ado, here’s Promise Shoes’ ‘Jerri’ sandals, with a bold, black and white upper, and a summery raffia heel.

In another colour, these shoes probably wouldn’t have caught my eye. There’s nothing wrong with them, but there’s nothing particularly special about the shape either, so I’d probably have just scrolled on by without giving them a second thought. I always feel that polka dots have the ability to make any shoe (or item of clothing, for that matter) stand out, though, and that’s definitely the case with these sandals. They may be just a $50 pair of platforms, but they made me want to stop and take a closer look, and that’s (normally) a good sign.

Another thing polka dots can do is make a shoe more wearable. In red or black patent, for instance, the high heel and platform could all have combined to make these look every bit as cheap as they are. Polka dots have a way of monopolising attention, though, so rather than being the kind of shoe you’d wear to go clubbing, say, these become a fun pair of sandals which could easily be part of  a daytime look.

As much as I like the front of these shoes, though, I really wish the heel was black, to match the upper. The raffia looks like it belongs on a different shoe altogether to me, and I like them less because of it.

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