Shoeper Shoe Challenge #8: Blue Monday

What: Nine West cork-soled platforms
When: Monday, February 22, 2010
Where: Working and then visiting my in-laws for dinner
With: Dorothy Perkins dress, tights and belt from who knows where!

I’ve actually worn these shoes a couple of times recently, but today was the first time I had a chance to take a photo of them! They’re by Nine West, and are clearly a “homage” (ahem!) to Christian Lououtin’s Bruges pumps. I bought them in the States a couple of years ago and wore them a lot in the first year I had them, although they’ve been out of regular rotation until now!

What are you wearing on your feet today?


  • A pair of perfectly boring black leather and suede Sketchers with criss-crossed elastic straps. Sad, but functional. Just seeing your shoes perks up my day.

  • I wore a pair of 3.5″ black patent block heels (similar shape to the gold heels you posted), with a square toe and large silver buckle. They’re from Payless, but I love them and always get complimented on them.

    I also have a pair of Oh Deer! shoes that look almost exactly like the ones you wore today, but they have a red sole like Louboutins.

  • I’m wearing mid-height black wedges, with a band across the toe with three little buttons. Boring, except that I’m wearing them with bright, bright yellow tights.

  • At the moment? Slippers, since it’s 7 AM and cold in my side of the US. Later- this neat pair of flats with an ankle strap and criss-crossing sections of brown and green. (They’re actually river sandals, but they function beautifully as shoes.)

  • New Rock Boots, model 9908 S1 Not my usual type of boots, but they are warm and platformed and so comfy it’s silly (and it is very wet and cold here where I live)

  • Dear ShoeperWoman,

    You inspired me to put myself up for the shoe challenge…As a courtesy to my dad, who always complains when I bring home new pairs of shoes…Guys would never understand this fetish! i hope you don’t mind me being your follower…

    Oh I’ve just set this blog on my fav. tab!!

    ps. love blue and black combo….a little touch of texturized tights and patent leather jz made this even better!

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