Gold ‘Priscilla’ sandals by Topshop Boutique


Did anyone else’s brains just add the words “Queen of the Desert” after the word ‘Priscilla’ in the title of this post? Mine did: and not because I’m losing my mind (or not just because I’m losing my mind, anyway), but because these have a very OTT feel about them, which their namesake ‘Priscilla’ would probably appreciate.

From the back, the high ankle on these gives them a “wings on the heels” look (so Achilles would probably like them, too!) and they also have a sculpted heel and a two-tone platform. Quite a lot going on there for one little shoe, but I’m mostly remininded of a pair of “Punk Shoes”, complete with mohawk.

What do you think? If you like them, they’re £120 from Topshop.


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