Faith ‘Cing’ point-toed platform court shoes

These shoes have a real “supervillain” feel to them, don’t they? I think it’s something to do with that high”collar” detail at the heel. It reminds me of this:

She’d totally wear these shoes, wouldn’t she? They’re all angles and sharp edges, and there’s something very hard about them: so much so, in fact, that I think I’ll be giving them a miss. What do you think of them, though? Do you like them enough to spend £80 on them, I wonder? If so, you’ll find them at Faith.


  • The more I look at those purple ones, the more they scream “BUY ME!”
    Despite the fact that I can’t walk in heels without some sort of ankle strap (I walk out of them if they don’t have one), I kind of really want these. There really is something so deliciously supervillian about them.

    Not about to spend £80 on them though.

  • Im in love with the black “Cing” faith shoes I want to buy a pair of size 5 (38) but because Faith is no more I don’t know where to get them can any one help me please

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