DV by Dolce Vita ‘Briar’ platform pumps

First, I found these:

Nude platform shoes with bow“Awesome!” I thought. “The perfect, classic platform shoe, with the welcome addition of a cute little bow at the ankle: it doesn’t get much better than that!”

Then I found these:

Purple suede shoes with bow at ankleA purple suede version with a leather bow. I think it just got better. But wait! What’s this?

red suede shoesRed suede. And now I have to ask: what did I do to Dolce Vita to make them so determined to scar my life with these difficult choices?

Actually, it’s not so difficult. I love all of these, but I think I still prefer the very first pair, purely for their versatility. What about you?

These are by Dolce Vita and they’re $108 at Zappos: click here to buy them.


  • I saw so many wonderful things up to now (I’m at the gardens of the V and A Museum NOW, so happy!), I say: DV did that to you, and you showing me a pair of red shows, with a bow, ooohhh… let me check my account, because they are amazing! You know, I must have a problem, because always when the sites say “purple” I see electric blue. And then I have to look at the object a second time… then I maaay see purple. I started to get worried, it’s the 6th tme it happens!!!!

  • I too love them all. But I think I’d go with the purple. I love the versatility of the nude, but since I already own Betsey Johnson’s Itsy pumps in nude and those also have a back bow (although a very different one) and I have a pair of red pumps with back bling, I feel the biggest hole would be filled by the purple ones. I don’t have nearly enough purple shoes. Only two pairs! And one of them are flats!

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