Studded over-the-knee boots from River Island

I didn’t give these boots a second glance when they first appeared on the River Island website, but last weekend I spotted a girl wearing them while I was out shopping, and found myself walking around doing that “trying not to look like I’m staring at your shoes, even although I’m totally staring at your shoes” thing. Is it just me who does that?

Anyway, I can report that these boots are far more awesome in real life that they appear to be in this image: they have a fabulous slouchy, lived-in look which I really like, and they manage to be casual but stunning, which isn’t an easy thing to achieve. Of course, it may well have helped that their wearer was tall, gorgeous and looked like an off-duty model (she was wearing them with simple black leggings, long line top and cardigan), but hey they made ME take a second look, anyway. If you’d like to take another look too, they’re £119 from River Island.

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