Carvela ‘Glam’ sequined platform shoe boots with bow

I have no idea who would wear these shoes, or, indeed, how they’d wear them, but if you’d be happy to give it a try:

1. You have my utmost respect.

2. Please would you join my Shoe Challenge? I think the world needs to see the photos of these shoes in action, and the outfit that would accompany them!

Until that happens, however, we’ll just have to content ourselves with the product shots:

WHOA. Sorry, these seem to have rendered me even less articulate than I usually am. I mean, they’re like the footwear equivalent of a disco ball, aren’t they?

Would you wear these? What would you wear with them? Do tell…

(Oh, and if you want to buy them first, click here to get them from Sarenza, where they’re £116.28)


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