Shoe Deja Vu: Topshop ‘Pritti’ sandals Vs Gucci python sandals

One of the other shoes I spotted during Monday’s trip to Glasgow was these ‘Pritti’ sandals, from Topshop.

It was the colour that caught my attention, of course: I just can’t walk past green suede without stopping to stroke it, but as soon as I did, I was instantly reminded of Gucci’s python sandals:

The colour is different, as is the ankle strap, but the combination of green suede, single strap across the foot, and gold heel do create a strong sense of shoe deja vu, don’t you think?

Topshop describe these as “barely there” sandals, and that’s actually what puts me off both versions. As I’ve said before, when it comes to footwear, I like the emphasis to be on the shoes rather than on my feet, so while I like the look of these on their own, I’d probably like them less when I was wearing them, as the effect would be mostly of bare feet with just a couple of straps across them.  For that reason, I much prefer the Carvela ‘Go’ sandals, which also remind me of the Gucci shoe, but which cover more of the foot.

What do you think of these? The Topshop version is £75, and is also available in bronze: click here to buy them.


  • Top Shop ones are also very pretty! I only ask myself whether the strap across the foot is not too long..
    I actually want the bronze ones in my life.. just put it on my book shelf to admire) they look a bit hard to walk on)

    • I know what you mean, it looks a bit like it would stick up above your foot, doesn’t it? I don’t remember thinking that when I seen them in store, though, so I think it’s probably just the angle of the photo: hope so, anyway!

  • They do remind me a lot of the Gucci python sandals!
    But I agree with you! I don’t think thet would look so good when worn. And I don’t how comfortable it would be with only two straps.
    Your Carvela ones though, are lovely! I simply loved them when you showed us the pictures! Amazing design, shape and colors!

  • I liked both of them and I think Topshop made it possible to wear something classy without the price tag that comes with designer shoes! I loved the color and the style!

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