Tamaris gingham and stripe peep toe shoes

blue gingham peep toe shoes

Tamaris peep toes, £50

The words “gingham” and “stripe” in the same sentence are more than enough to convince me a shoe is worth looking at. Hell, even ONE of those words would be enough to pique my interest. Add in the words “red”, “blue”, “bow” and “stiletto”, and I’m pretty much sold. I barely even NEED to look to know that I’m going to like them.

Luckily the reality of these shoes does live up to the promise of the description. While I’ve never been fond of mixed prints, these are two which I think can work fairly well together: they’re both quintessential “summer” prints, and when you put them together you get a very sweet, summery little shoe which looks like it’s just begging to go skipping off for a picnic.

These are the kind of shoes I find very hard to resist: they’d be fantastic with my collection of 50s-style skirts and dresses, buy they’d work equally well with a pair of jeans or shorts for a casual-but-cute look.

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  • Oh! I actually own these! I purchased them last year when I basically fell in love with them the moment I spotted them. They are surprisingly comfortable as well, and so gorgeous!

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