Topshop ‘Barley’ leather thigh-high boots

Well, we’ve reached that time of year again: the time of year when Topshop starts releasing lots of covetable, thigh-high boots, which sell-out almost immediately, and which I am guaranteed to want. Even if I already have a near-identical pair of boots, I will still want them. I, you see, love thigh-high boots. I know a lot of people find them difficult, or even “trashy” (the words “Julia Roberts” and “Pretty Women” almost always come up in any discussion of this style), but I still love them, and I think the key to making them work, without looking like you’re the one doing the work, if you catch my drift (working girl? No? Oh, never mind), is to pair them with skirts and dresses that aren’t too long – knee-length or thereabouts is perfect – and aren’t too tight. That way the boots will help keep you warm all winter, and all onlookers will see will be the merest suggestion of thigh-high boot, without you looking like a hooker.

Have I convinced you, yet? I actually don’t even expect to convince all of you, because these definitely aren’t for everyone, but if they are for you, they’re called ‘Barley’ and they’re £120 at Topshop.


  • No argument here – the search for the perfect thigh length boot that effortlessly balances chic with timeless fetishistic charm continues over here. The Wild Pair patchwork OTK 80s boots that I ‘lost’ en route to Australia were pretty much the perfect specimen. These are close – I’d love to see them actually on someone to determine whether they stay up when walking.

  • I’m not so sure about thigh-high in general… Many of these boots are too tight and therefore look trashy and many are too loose and look lumpy, however, these seem to be a golden middle. Like, like, like. 🙂

  • I love over-the-knee boots and in December ’09 I bought 2 pairs… that up to now I didn’t have the courage to wear (but I keep on promise I will!) I have the same idea: match them with dresses that are not tight and not “mini”, otherwise, yes, it’s pretty much to work… “hard for the money”.
    In January I was about to wear mine and a friend came and said: oh, working boots! Enough for me to put a “normal” pair of shoes on… Still, I love these boots!

  • I love these boots- i’m obsessed! but i’m a student and 150euro is kinda my whole winter-wardrobe budget… *sob* 🙁 But i might still get them- THEY’RE TOO GORGEOUS TO PASS BY!!!

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