Dune lazer cut court shoes with platform soles

diune-lazer-cut-court-shoesI’ve had these shoes in my “to blog” list for a while now, and somehow haven’t got round to actually writing about them. I’m not really sure why, either, because I love them, and that love hasn’t lessened during the many weeks I’ve known about them.

From a distance, the pattern on the uppers looks a little bit like lace. Up close, it’s a lot more random than that, but it still managed to look delicate and very pretty, which isn’t something you can always say about a no-nonsense court shoes. These also have a small platform (well, small in comparison to the kind of thing we’re used to seeing these days), and the black/cream colour mix helps set them apart from the usual black court shoes.

BUY: Dune lazer-cut court shoes, £85


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