KG by Kurt Geiger stripe ‘Dancer’ pumps with bow

I’ve looked at these ‘Dancer’ pumps by Kurt Geiger so many times now that I’d actually convinced myself I must have already shown you them. As it turns out, I’d just been showing them to myself, which is of no use to anyone (and least of all to my bank account), so here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Stripes and bows make these a surefire winner for yours truly, and I also like the black and white combination, which I think will look great with black opaque tights. If you’d prefer a different colour, though, well, just take a look under the jump!

A rather lovely orangy-red

And a grey/coral stripe.

If you like to match your shoes to handbags, meanwhile, I feel duty bound to inform you that Kurt Geiger have come to your assistance there, too:

Also available in all three colourways.

The shoes are £100, and the bags are £50. Click here to take your pick!


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