Dune Accolade Twist Side Detail Court Shoe

Dune Accolade

Dune Accolade Twist Side Detail Court Shoe, £85

I actually went to the Dune website today looking for a completely different shoe, which I’d spotted in store, but instead I found myself completely sidetracked by these ‘Accolade’ pumps. I guess those other shoes will just have to wait…

These are a really wonderful example of the power of the pump. Dune have taken a shape which is totally unremarkable in itself, and given it a handful of features which add up to a much more interesting shoe. The sweetheart vamp, for instance, which doesn’t just LOOK as sweet as the name suggests, but which I think is also more flattering on the foot than a higher, straighter vamp might be.

Then there’s that twisted side detail, combining waves of suede and metallic, snake effect leather. It’s simple, but absolutely stunning, and the two textures, combined with the pewter/taupe mix, really gives these shoes a bit of a vintage effect, don’t you think? Finally, I really like the taupe colour. I think this is a shade we don’t see nearly enough of in the fashion world: it’s smart and sophisticated, and makes a nice alternative to the ubiquitous “nude”.

In other words: I love them. What do you think?

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