Sophia Webster on a budget? ASOS ‘Horoscope’ heeled sandals

sophia webster dupes by ASOS ASOS Horoscope heeled sandals, £29

When I first came across these little sandals, I’d have sworn they were a Sophia Webster creation. They’re not an exact dupe (or not as far as I’m aware, anyway!), but that stripey insole, combined with the high heel and generally “fun” feel of the shoe gives them a distinctly Sophia-esque feel, don’t you think? I’m sure it’s not much comfort, but I guess you know you’ve made it as a designer when the high street inspirations start to roll in, huh?

Luckily for us shoe lovers, the price of these is definitely NOT inspired by Sophia Webster – or any other designer, for that matter. They were £45, but they’ve now been reduced to just £29 in the ASOS sale, and with almost all sizes still in stock, they could prove to be a great sale buy. You might have to wait until spring to wear them, but the wait should be worth it: and if you really don’t want to wait, I’m sure you can come up with some kind of party or special occasion to justify that purchase!

I have to admit, if January wasn’t such a lean month, budget-wise, I’d be very tempted to grab a pair of these myself. I love the combination of the pale pink heel with the black and white stripes: it’s bold enough to be an attention-getter, but I don’t think these particular colours would be difficult to style. Speaking of which:

pink skirt and polka dot top with ASOS heeled sandals

skirt / top / iPhone case / lipstick 

A fun shoe deserves an equally fun outfit, and I certainly had fun putting this one together! As far as wearing it goes, well, I’m not sure I’m quite brave enough to wear a bra top on its own, but I DO have a polka dot cardigan that could work instead. Now I’m REALLY tempted by the shoes… and the skirt, for that matter!

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