Shoe of the Day | Zara 5″ stiletto pumps

5" stiletto pumps

ZARA high heel stiletto pumps

Zara 5″ stiletto shoes, £69.99

Talk about a skyscraper heel!

These are the kind of shoes that leave some people gasping in horror, while others simply rub their hands together in glee, and thank the shoe gods that they’ve managed to find them for just £69.99, rather than something with a couple of extra zeros on the price tag. At just under 5″, the heel is at the high end of what you tend to find on the high street. It’s not unheard of to find a 120mm heel at the likes of Zara, of course, but when a heel that height doesn’t have a platform to balance it out, it can definitely be off-putting to some shoppers.

Not to this one, though: Zara have had some awesome heels in stock lately, and these are my current favourites, thanks to that lovely metallic upper, and the curvy shape. These are a half d’orsay, with the cut-out instep adding to the great shape, and helping ensure that even although they’re “just” a pair of classic pumps (I know, no such thing, right?), they’re still far from boring.

full skirt and stiletto shoes

skirt / cardigan / brooch / sunglasses 

I’ve chosen to style these shoes with another current high street favourite: this Topshop grid print skirt. I actually already own the polka-dot version of this skirt, which is the only reason I haven’t rushed out and bought this one – I suspect two full, grey skirts are technically enough for one woman, although ask me again if it ever goes on sale, and you might get a different answer. I think killer heels like these are a great way to offset a demure, midi-length skirt, although I’d also try styling them with a pair of skinny trousers, for a slightly more contemporary look.

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