Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin Talitha suede 160mm

Christian Louboutin Talitha suede 160mm Christian Louboutin Talitha suede 160mm

Christian Louboutin Talitha suede 160mm, £725

I’ve never been able to resist a green suede shoe – especially one with a bright red sole – so even although I CAN resist a giant platform, I thought I’d show you these ‘Talitha’ platforms as today’s Friday Louboutin Fix. Well, they say a change is as good as a rest, and these are definitely a change from the usual run of pointed pumps, that’s for sure!

A few years ago, platforms like this were fairly commonplace. These days, they’re pretty unusual, and seem even more so because they’re just so different from the kind of thing that’s in the stores at the moment. With that said, I’ve been noticing a lot more platforms around lately, so perhaps they’re about to make a comeback? Time will tell: for now, though, we have these green suede peep toes to look at, with their towering, 160mm heel.

I’ll be honest: while I love the colour, and am also rather taken with the pretty, crossover straps on the front of this shoes, my eyes have yet to re-adjust to the giant platform, which means it still looks a tad dated to me. These do cut a fantastic silhouette, however, and one of the great things about Christian Louboutin shoes is that, no matter how chunky and heavy it LOOKS, I know these will be as light as a feather to actually wear – not to mention adding an extra few inches to your height, which could be interesting to experience, if nothing else.

These are also available in black, and can be purchased from the Christian Louboutin website: get yours here.

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