Shoe of the Day | Aminah Abdul Jillil Ribbon Bow Pumps

Aminah Abdul Jillil Ribbon Bow Pumps

Aminah Abdul Jillil Ribbon Bow Pumps, $215

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get round to showing you these amazing shoes! I’ve been seeing them around Pinterest for a while now, and they’re absolutely spectacular, with their oversized bow at the ankle.

They’re by Aminah Abdul Jillil, and I was pleasantly surprise to find that they’re “only” $215. I’ve put the word “only” in inverted commas here, because I realise that’s not exactly a rock-bottom price for a pair of shoes either, but judging by the look of them, I was expecting them to be far more expensive, and it’s always nice when a shoe costs LESS than you’d expect, rather than more. If these are still too much, however, Betsey Johnson has created some very similar styles lately, including the ‘Malissa’ closed toe pump, in a pretty floral print:

Betsey Johnson closed toe pumps

Wouldn’t those be just perfect for spring?

The shoes also come in pale pink and black, both of which are gorgeous. As it’s almost Valentine’s day, however (and because I’m a sucker for red shoes), I’ve gone for the bright red version here – well, it is the colour of love, apparently…

outfit featuring leather pencil skirt and red high heels

skirt / top / bag 

Head-toe-black isn’t something I wear often, but it’s a look that’s been really appealing to me lately. Both skirt and top in this set are from River Island, and I love the structured peplum top, with it’s off-the-shoulder design. It reminds me of one of those very tailored pieces you see in old black and white movies from the 40s, and although the leather pencil skirt is a little more contemporary, I was inspired to go for something of a ‘femme fatale’ feel – all red lips and high heels.

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