Shoe of the Day | Miss KG ‘Aubrey’ stripe pumps

black and white stripe shoes with yellow button

Miss KG ‘Aubrey’ stripe pumps, £75

Kurt Geiger seem to have come up with a bit of a formula for their spring/summer collection, and it goes a bit like this: patterned upper + unusual toe embellishment + simple court shape + contrasting heel.

They used that formula on the ‘Candy’ pumps from the Miss KG line, which I featured a couple of weeks ago, and now here it is again, being used to wonderful effect on ‘Aubrey’. Absolutely no complaints from me, here: I’m a big fan of what I think of as “fashion formulas” – I know some people might consider it very boring to wear different variations of the same basic theme, but I think it’s a great way to build a signature style: and it’s also the way most people tend to dress in “real life”, as opposed to in the fashion world, where there’s a constant pressure to always be changing your look.

Of course, in this case it helps that the style in question is one I really like. I don’t think you can go far wrong with the classic pump shape, and the addition of a bold print and a bit of embellishment is an easy way to make it look different every time.

outfit featuring black dress and yellow coat

dress / coat / brooch / bag 

These shoes use a black and white stripe print – which, needless to say, I love – topped with a lemon brooch. The design itself is something we’ve seen hundreds of times before, but the lemon colour gives these a very spring-like feel: it’s a shade I don’t think we see often enough in fashion, and it can be so effective, especially when contrasted with a darker colour like black, as it is here. Of course, these shoes will also work with most other colours, so they shouldn’t be difficult to style!

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