Topshop Unique’s new shoe collection is here…

… and I’m honestly not sure quite what to make of it.

I mean, on paper, I should love this collection: there’s a lot of marabou trim, which always makes for an ultra-glamorous look, a lot of silk bows, and a lot of high heels. Should be totally shoeper, right? Well, yeah, it SHOULD be, but… well, here, take a look for yourself:

Topsho Unique Maribou trim sandals

[Buy them here]

Now, I DO like the sandals, to be fair. I’m not necessarily saying I’d run out and BUY the sandals, because that’s a little bit too much …fluff.. even for me. I like them, though, and, as I said, I always think this kind of style has a very decant feel to it, which might not match my lifestyle too well, but which IS a great fit for the totally imaginary lifestyle I like to THINK I have. (Yes, I know one of my mottos is to stop shopping for your imaginary life, but I DID say I wouldn’t actually buy them, didn’t I?)

As for the pointed pumps, however, well, somehow these just miss the mark for me – despite one pair having an oversized green silk bow, which sounds like the kind of thing I’d normally be aaaaallll over. Well, I do love green, bows, and over-sized embellishments on shoes, it’s true: it’s the shoes underneath I have the issue with here – the toe is too long, and the heel too low for my tastes, and I can’t help feel the overall effect is a little dated.

Of course, that’s purely a personal opinion, and I’m sure there’s someone out there who’ll love these to bits – and look amazing in them, too. If that person is you, you can buy them here.

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