Zara printed platform sandals

platform sandals

Zara printed platform sandals, £59.99

Yes, I went to the Zara website again. I couldn’t help myself: I know I’ve featured Zara shoes a few times this year already, but they WILL keep adding more pairs I like, so what’s a Shoeperhero to do?

These platform sandals instantly grabbed my attention on my last visit, although I’m still not totally convinced I’d actually wear them. Oh, I like them to look at, don’t get me wrong. But that floral print upper combined with the chunky platform and t-bar strap give these a very 70s feel to them: especially when you take into account the denim-look fabric they’ve used for these. Can’t you just see someone wearing these with a pair of gigantic flared jeans and a cheesecloth shirt? I can: I’m just not convinced that person would be ME, because 70s fashion really isn’t my thing, and nor is the hippie, flower-power look these suggest. At all.

Still, these may give off a strong hippie vibe, but there’s no rule stating you HAVE to wear them that way: they are, after all, a just a humble pair of platform sandals: the navy colour is actually fairly neutral, when you think about it, and the floral print is pretty discreet, so you’d be able to wear these… well, anywhere, and with anything you’d wear any OTHER pair of platform sandals with. The only difference is that these might have a little more character than a standard tan or black version, say, and they’re potentially a bit more fun, too.

The Zara website doesn’t, unfortunately, provide any information on the height of the heel, but if I had to guess, I’d say these are probably around  5″, although they also have that high platform, which will help balance out the height.

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  • Zara Germany was so kind: Height of heel 13,5 cms./ 5,31 inches.


    Somehow the sign in/ register buttons aren’t working for me 🙁 Is it the site or my plug ins?

  • They remind me a lot of Prada’s shoes. I quite like them but am sick to death of such high heels! I’m 180 cm (that’s like 5′ 11) and if you add 13,5 cm?? No way!

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