Giuseppe Zanotti pink patent sandals

pink high heeled sandals pink patent sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, $845

Pink is a big trend at the moment (as I’m sure you’re probably aware) but the colour is only one of the reasons I wanted to feature these shoes today. Actually, the colour is probably my least-favourite part of this design: I love some of the dusky pink coats that are around at the moment, and I’m partial to a bit of pale, powder pink too, but this bright neon isn’t one of my favourite colours, and I think it cheapens the look of the shoe a little. I know lots of people love the colour, though, and it does contrast nicely with the black insole on this shoe, so I’m going to try to set aside my personal bias and move on to the rest of the shoe!

These have a 5″ stiletto heel, attached to a narrow ankle strap, which has the Giuseppe Zanotti logo on the silver clasp. (That clasp, by the way, appears to be just for show: there’s a zip at the back of the heel to allow you to slip these on and off.) The heel itself, meanwhile, is a a high-shine silver, in a wonderful conical shape. This, plus the curved shape, are the elements of this shoe I love most: there’s something very “vampy” about the shape, and although I doubt they’ll be the easiest sandals in the world to walk in, they’re also not exactly “walking shoe” material, so no surprises there.

These are $845 at Neiman Marcus, who claim they have the power to “electrify any ensemble”. Find out for yourself here.

Buy them here

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