Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin ‘Camilla 120’ bridal peep toes

Christian Louboutin bridal shoes Christian Louboutin srtass peep toes

Christian Louboutin ‘Camilla 120’, £2,080

For this week’s Friday Fix, I bring you another shoe which is supposed to be for brides only (Browns certainly describe these as “bridal peep toes”). You and I both know there’s no such thing as a pair of shoes with only one possible purpose, though, and these say “red carpet at the Oscars” more than they say “on the way down the aisle”, so I reckon they could easily perform double duty. (I also won’t be remotely surprised to see these on the red carpet at some point: they definitely have that kind of look about them!)

Of course, when I say these could “easily” perform double duty I’m probably over-stating things somewhat. You’re going to need one hell of an excuse to:

a) Justify spending £2,080 on a single pair of shoes


b) Find an occasion grand enough to wear them. I don’t think walking the dog counts, somehow, so that rules me out, but if you have both the means and the occasion to suit these, then lucky you!

These shoes use the now-familiar technique of inserting a mesh section into the upper, to create a “barely-there” look. Lots of tiny little strass crystals cover the upper (and presumably help justify the price-tag, which is high even by Louboutin standards. These are available at Browns, but can’t be ordered online: you actually have to make an appointment with the bridal team if you want to buy them: fancy!


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