Primark polka dot two-part court shoes

Primark polka dot pumps

Primark polka dot pumps, £14

I really want to love these shoes, but… I don’t, really. I DO love the print, I’ll give the, that. Seriously: white background with a little black polka print – what’s not to love about that? I also love the fact that they’ve combined that polka dot print with baby blue on the strap and coral on the insole, creating a very sweet, spring-appropriate look.

What I’m NOT so keen on here is the shape. These are a two-part pump with a pointed toe, which is one of my least-favourite shoe shapes: although pointed toes have been back in fashion for a while now, this particular shape still looks quite dated to me. I’d probably have loved these shoes back in the early ’00s, but the fact that they’re making me think of the early ’00s probably isn’t a great sign. That particular era hasn’t been gone for quite long enough to become “cool” again, so rather than looking retro, the styles of that time simply seem dated. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Although I probably wouldn’t buy these personally, then (Although, never say never: they may well look much better in person than they do in the photo, in which case  I will happily eat my words!), I decided to have a go at styling them anyway, and here’s what I came up with:

what to wear with polka dot shoes

What to wear with Primark’s polka dot shoes:

white pencil skirt // polka dot t-shirt // cropped cardigan // belt // pastel bag // sunglasses

I actually think I might have talked myself into quite liking them now: although not nearly as much as I love those sunglasses! I’ve also featured these New Look cropped cardigans enough times now that I really think it’s time I bought one… or five.



  • This style of shoes seems to be big in the US right now. Maybe we are just a decade behind the times though!

  • The shoes are okay but I don’t know, it may be the style of the shoes, as you have mentioned, but I’m thinking maybe if the polka dots were a little bigger that may have made the over all look a bit more modern as well. What I do really like is the outfit. I love that skirt and that bag is just perfect. I also think that it looks a lot more expensive than just £40.

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