Menbur ‘Milan’ fuchsia bow sandals

pink sandals with bow on heel

pink high heels with bow

Menbur ‘Milan’ fuchsia bow sandals, £79.99

Although Menbur is primarily a bridal-wear brand, they also make enough regular shoes to make them a firm favourite of mine. I say “regular” shoes – even the non-bridal shoes are pretty dressy, so they’re probably not going to be everyday wear (Or not unless your “everydays” are a whole lot more exciting than mine are, anyway!), but there’s nothing wrong with that, is there?

There’s nothing wrong with these little strappy sandals either, although unless you wear a UK size 6.5 or 7,5, you may well disagree with me, because those are the only sizes left in stock at the moment. I know. I’m sorry. On the plus side, Spartoo does re-stock items fairly regularly, and you can sign up for a stock alert, so all is not lost! If you do manage to find yourself a pair of these, I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding excuses to wear them, because although they’d make great bridesmaid shoes, say, they’re the kind of style that should prove pretty versatile. This single-strap style has been popular for a while now, and looks as good with trousers and jeans as it does with dresses, and the little bow on the heel finishes it off perfectly – and is the main reason these appeal to me so much.

What would you wear with these shoes?

I really like fuchsia and purple together, so while this dress doesn’t match the shoes, exactly, I think they complement each other nicely:

lady v london dress

What to wear with Menbur ‘Milan’ sandals:

dress // shrug // brooch // clutch


The bad news is that this specific dress is also in somewhat limited stock, but Lady V London have lots of very similar styles, and all their dresses are absolutely gorgeous, so if you’re a fan of fifties-inspired florals, their site is well worth a look.


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