River Island pink polka dot pointed ballet flats

polka dot ballet flats

River Island pink polka dot ballet flats, £25

I was going to include these shoes in my May Wish List, but I decided they really deserved a post to themselves. My fingers started itching to hit the “add to basket” button as soon as I saw these: polka dots tend to have that kind of effect on me, and when the polka dots in question are attached to a pair of pointed-toe shoes, it’s a pretty lethal combination.

I’ve written loads about my love of pointed toe flats AND my love of polka dots, so there’s not a whole lot else to add about these, other than that they’re a steal at £25, and the kind of shoes that will effortlessly turn a basic outfit into a super-cute one. That’s not something I often find myself saying about flat shoes, so these must really be special!

Just to prove my point, here’s that really basic outfit, given a fun twist with a double-dose of dots:

what to wear with polka dot shoes

What to wear with polka dot flats:

jeans // cardigan // scarf // headband

It doesn’t get more basic than jeans and a cardigan… and now that I’ve found these two, I suddenly have two more items to add to my wish list. Damn.


  • Oh that answers my shoe wish list question (though I still would have expected more shoes to be on the list but then I guess you’ve been showing us wish-list shoes here all along right? All those beautiful shoes..). I love the whole outfit you chose here.

    Did you end up buying the shoes?:)

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