ASOS ‘Pensive’ blue pointed high heels

blue pointed shoes

ASOS ‘Pensive’ blue pointed heels, £30

These shoes come in black, stone and bright, cobalt blue. I’m showing you the blue version because… I really don’t need to even finish that sentence, do I?

These shoes are stunning to look at: I love the asymmetric sides, which work perfectly with the sharp, pointed toe. The colour, meanwhile, gives them true “wow” factor, but as the owner of shoes in this colour, I know that, as much as I like to look at them, I always find it a really hard colour to actually wear. It’s just so BRIGHT that it has a tendency to overshadow everything else, and take the eye right down to your feet.  That can be a good thing if you’re wearing fabulous shoes, of course, but it can also be a bad thing: I always feel that this colour of footwear makes my feet look out of proportion, for instance, but that doesn’t stop me liking them, and I much prefer this colour to the other two options, even although it’s a beautifully shaped shoe, regardless of the colour.

So, what would you wear with bright shoes? In this case, I decided to go with an equally brightly coloured dress:

what to wear with bright blue shoes

What to wear with bright blue shoes:

dress // clutch // bracelet // ring // lipstick 

I spotted this dress at Net-a-Porter a few days ago, and although it’s definitely not in my price range, it IS a great match for the shoes, and not bad to look at, too. Oh, and while I remember: I had completely forgotten that ASOS film their shoes on the catwalk, just as they do with the rest of their stock. It’s such a great feature – you can get a totally different impression of a shoe when you see it actually being worn (and walked in), don’t you think?


  • Oh I love these. They remind me a lot of Zara shoes and I’m pleasantly surprised by their low price tag. I’m glad you mentioned the video feature that’s on Asos, I think it’s a wonderful feature and wish other stores would have it (I think Office have something similar on their site? And had it for longer.. Not sure if I’m remembering that right)

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