Charlotte Olympia Rose sandals

platform sandals with rose detail pink rose on high heel sandal

Charlotte Olympia sandals, $1,185

When I first came across these sandals, the web page was scrolled down, making it look like the sole of the shoe was completely flat. “At last!” I thought, “A pair of Charlotte Olympia shoes which don’t have the giant platform everyone seems to detest!” Then I scrolled up and yup, there it is. It was a disappointment, but only a small one: for one thing, I’ve never really had an issue with Charlotte Olympia’s trademark “island” platform, but for another, I think these shoes are pretty enough for me to forgive them just about anything.

These are called ‘Rose’, for obvious reason. The high, stiletto heel forms the green stem of the flower which sits at the very top of it, and there;s also a leaf detail on the vamp, to finish off the look. It’s a very unusual look, although not nearly as “out there” as many of the designs we see from this brand. I think they’re absolutely beautiful, but there’s no doubt that Charlotte Olympia always manages to get a wide range of reactions from people, so tell me: what’s your reaction to these?

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