Aldo ‘Bilenimacia’ two-tone peep toes

green and blue two-tone shoes monochrome peep toe shoes

Aldo peep toes, £65

Two pairs of two-tone shoes, in two different colourways! That’s a lot of “twos”!

Actually, these shoes come in no less than FOUR different colourways, but these two are my favourites: the first pair because the green and blue pairing is a combination I love (I’m rarely brave enough to wear more than one bold colour at a time, but if I AM going to do it, green and blue are generally the colours I’ll go for), the second because that monochrome look is just so gosh darn trendy right now, isn’t it? (Oh, OK, I don’t actually care whether it’s “trendy” or not: I just love black and white…)

These shoes are a really easy way to combine colours, because although the design is bold, it’s not too in your face about it, and the accent colour appears on a much smaller area of the shoe than is the case in some of last year’s “colourblock” styles, which went for maximum impact. These are possibly a little more wearable, particularly the black and white version, which may be fashionable right now, but which will still look good years from now.

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