Carvela GollyGosh pink plexiglass wedges

pink plexiglass wedges scilptural wedge heels

Carvela GollyGosh wedges, £180

I feel a bit disloyal for saying this – or even thinking it – but I haven’t been nearly as impressed with Carvela/Kurt Geiger’s current collection as I have been in previous years. Now, Carvela is one of my favourite brands, and quite a few of their shoes have found their way to my shelves in recent years, but this year I keep going to the Kurt Geiger website feeling sure I’ll find something I’ll want to feature (or maybe even buy), only to come away empty-handed.

These shoes are a case in point. I feel like Carvela has been trying a little too hard to be “trendy” this season, rather than simply focusing on making beautiful shoes, which is what they’re good at. The result is a selection of shoes which are certainly amazing to look at – I know plexiglass heels aren’t to everyone’s taste, but I do love the futuristic vibe they can lend a shoe – but which are just a little too chunky to make me want to wear them.(I suspect that has something to do with the fact that my own taste has started to drift away from high platforms these days. It’s not you, Carvela: it’s me!)

All of that said, these shoes DID make me stop and look twice at them, and I am showing you them now, and that has to be a good sign. What do you think of these?

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