Pollini multicolour patent sandals

Pollini multicolour patent sandals Pollini multicolour patent sandals

Pollini multicolour patent sandals, £435

I don’t tend to follow specific “rules” when I’m deciding what I will and won’t wear. I mean, I know what I like, obviously – in fact, I have some very strong opinions on that one – but I don’t subscribe to rules of the “you must not wear x with y” type: those are the kind of rules that are made to be broken, if you ask me.

If I DID try to sit down and translate my likes and dislikes into some kind of “fashion rules” type of list, however, I guess “no more than one primary colour per outfit” would be one of them. It’s not that I think it can’t/shouldn’t be done, I hasten to add: it’s just that it’s probably not something I’d try myself. In fact, come to think of it, even ONE primary colour per outfit would be pushing it for me these days, so the three (four? Does white count as a “primary colour”) of them found on these sandals would be totally out of the question for me. I think I’d feel a bit like I was wearing LEGO if I tried to wear all of these colours together: that’s what they remind me of, anyway.

Despite all of this, however, there’s something about these shoes that draws me to them. The shape is great, the curves are to die for, and although the colour combination is a little bit jarring at first glance, it’s bold and brilliant, and the kind of thing someone with a taste for colourful outfits could totally rock, I have no doubt. In real life, if I had to style these shoes, I’d play it safe, with some kind of jeans or trousers, but here on the internet I’m prepared to go for something with a little more colour:

what to wear with multicoloured shoes

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What do you think of these shoes? Yay or nay?


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