Dune Ballroom Gold Glitzy Heeled Court Shoes

Dune Ballroom gold court shoes

Dune ‘Ballroom’ gold court shoes, £79

Why are the shoes you see online never the same ones that are available in store? I mean, if they’d had these gold ‘Ballroom’ courts in the Dune store I visited last week, for instance, there’s a good chance I’d have grabbed a pair. Even although that would’ve meant me walking out of the store with three pairs of shoes, rather than just two. And even although the very last thing I need is yet ANOTHER pair of gold shoes. Wait, scratch that: you ALWAYS need another pair of gold shoes, amiright?

I’m only partly kidding about that. I firmly believe gold to be one of the most versatile shoe shades out there, so when I saw these, in all of their gold-uppered glory, I was naturally a little bit smitten with them. This shape will probably be a familiar one to anyone who shops at Dune regularly: this is a brand which excels at dressing the pointed-toe court shoe up in lots of different colours and prints, and ‘Ballroom’ here is just one of the latest variations on the look. I like the gold trim, which gives the shoe a vaguely vintage feel, while the shiny stiletto heel also gets the thumbs up from me. Overall, this is a beautifully shaped shoe, with an upper that will see you through many a special occasion. Here’s an outfit for just one of them:

mint green skirt and gold shoes

Gold court shoes and full skirt:

 Tibi skirt  ♥  Dolce & Gabbana bustier top   ♥  Santi beaded and sequinned clutch

It just so happens that I love mint green skirts almost as much as I love gold shoes: maybe even more, in fact. The fact that the two go so well together is just a happy accident!

♥  P.S. If you have a spare second, I’d really appreciate your vote in the ASOS Fashion Finder contest: I’m listed as ‘Forever Amber’. Thanks so much! ♥

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