Charlotte Olympia ‘Cherry’ ankle strap sandals

Cherry shoes Charlotte Olympia

Cherry shoes by Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia ‘Cherry’ ankle strap sandals, £605.59

These shoes probably aren’t what you were expecting when you saw the words “Charlotte Olympia” and “cherry” in the title, are they? They’re definitely not what I would’ve expected, because while they ARE definitely “cherry shoes”, they’re much less literal, and far more subtle, than many of the other shoes of that description. I’m just not used to using the word “subtle” in conjunction with Charlotte Olympia, so I though it was worth showing you these for that reason alone.

The “cherry” of the name comes mostly from the red, green and black colour scheme, and, of course, from the criss-cross ankle strap, which forms the stem of the fruit when viewed from the back. Red and green are two colours I love on shoes, but they’re also two colours which I think you have to be very careful with if you want to wear them together. They say red and green should never be seen, without something else in between, and to that I would simply add the phrase “unless we’re talking about fruit, in which case, go for it.” On these shoes, the combination just works: it’s much less garish than you might expect (the black vamp definitely helps in this respect), and it’s not remotely “festive”, which is another issue that can crop up with red/green combos.

These also have no demi-platform (In fact, they have no platform at all), which I know will be a relief to those of you who dislike that particular Charlotte Olympia trademark!

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