Miu Miu black suede sandals

miu miu black suede sandals

Miu Miu black suede sandals, £465

If you happened to check out Net-a-Porter yesterday, you may have spotted these black suede sandals, and if you did, I’m sure you won’t be the least bit surprised to be seeing them here today: it would be fair to say it was shoe love at first sight when I laid eyes on these!

The shape of these shoes is sheer perfection. It’s a given that I love the curved sides, but that sharply angled heel is also a thing of beauty, and absolutely perfect for this design: try imagining the shoe with a standard stiletto instead, and you’ll see what I mean. I even like the ankle strap, although, as always, could live without it: if these didn’t work out as footwear, however, they’d make excellent “shelf candy”, too – they’re the kind of thing I just can’t help but stare at!

Staring is ALL I’ll be doing in this case, however: at £465, I’m sure even the sale price would be out of my budget (if they ever made it to a sale, of course, which I can’t really see happening: at the time of writing, these are already either sold out or in low stock in quite a few sizes, and they haven’t been available for long, so I guess those of you who can’t live without them will have to hope for a re-stock!), but that didn’t stop me putting together an outfit to wear with them, anyway:

red dress and black shoes

Red dress, black sandals:

♥  Roland Mouret dress   ♥  Monki arrow bracelet  ♥  Jimmy Choo clutch bag  ♥ Ashton Strikes sunglasses 

I can’t wear this colour of dress myself, but as soon as I saw these shoes, I felt they HAD to be worn with a red dress. They’d work with plenty of other colours too, of course, but red and black is just one of those combinations that never gets old!


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