Topshop ‘Great2’ lilac satin shoes

Topshop 'Great2' lilac satin shoes Topshop 'Great2' lilac satin shoes

Topshop ‘Great2’ lilac satin shoes, £58

Topshop’s website describes these shoes as “satin prom shoes”. I’m not sure I agree that they’re prom-specific (I certainly hope not, anyway: my own prom-going days are long-since behind me, and I’d hate to have to invent a suitably prom-like event in order to have an excuse to wear these!), but that lilac satin upper does give them a “special occasion” kind of feel, which would make them a great choice as wedding guest shoes, for instance, or even as bridesmaid’s shoes, if lilac is one of your wedding colours.

The satin upper is also what makes these “shoeper”. This is a style Topshop have released before, with a leather upper, but there’s just something about that lilac satin that makes these extra special. The pointed toe is very much “on trend” (I hate that term, but it’s true) at the moment, but the half d’orsay shape and asymmetric toe makes these a little more interesting than your average pointed pump.

What to wear with lilac shoes?

I think these would look wonderful as an accent colour to a plain black outfit, but they could almost have been made for this Dorothy Perkins skirt, which I’ve featured here before, in some of the other colours it’s available in:

lilac shoes and skirt outfit

 Lilac satin shoes and matching skirt:

♥  Dorothy Perkins skirt   ♥  Dorothy Perkins white daisy tee  ♥  Cute bracelet  ♥  Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’ perfume   ♥   H&M lip crayon

Unfortunately for us shopping addicts, we’re at that awkward time of year when the summer stock is all on sale (and thus starting to sell out), but the new season stock has yet to arrive, and would be totally unsuitable for the climate even if it did. That means these items (with the exception of the shoes, which are new in), might not be available in all sizes: on the plus side, though, the skirt IS on sale!

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