Shoe Review: Office ‘Niagra’ red peep toe heels

Office 'Niagra' red peep toe heels

Office 'Niagra' red peep toe heels

Office 'Niagra' red peep toe heels

You knew this post was coming, didn’t you? Hell, I knew this post was coming: I knew it as soon as I laid eyes on Office’s ‘Niagra’ peep toes, a few weeks ago.

They were, quite simply, the most perfect pair of peep toes I’d seen outside of a Christian Louboutin store, or associated website. The shape, in fact, is very Louboutin-esque, with the deep, curved sides and the low-cut vamp, which provides that ever-controversial toe cleavage, which some people love, and some people hate.

In person, the shoes are just as beautiful as I was expecting from the photos. The colour is the perfect shade of red, the suede is soft and easy to wear, and the sizing is spot on: these are my regular size 4, and they fit perfectly. This, of course, was no surprise: I’ve ordered several pairs of shoes from Office this year (I think these are actually my fourth: whoops!), and they’d definitely win the UK shoe store of the year award from me, if that were a thing – which it totally should be. The sizing is always perfect, and the quality is everything I’d expect (especially given the very reasonable price-tag), so if you’re thinking of making a purchase, I can highly recommend them – and no, this isn’t a sponsored post, I just really like Office right now!

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On another, and significantly less pleasant subject, if you read my other blog, you might know that I’ve been dealing with some serious health issues lately, and have had a very rough time as a result of that. This is actually the first blog post I’ve written for ShoeperWoman since this happened: I normally schedule posts at least a couple of weeks in advance, which is why the blog has continued without interruption until now: I have, however, fallen massively behind with requests to join the Pinterest Group Board, and I also haven’t been able to update – or even really think about – the ShoeperWoman Instagram account I mentioned last week. I’m hoping to get things back on track very soon, but I hope you’ll understand that there’s only one of me, and my health has to come first, so please excuse any interruptions to the usual service, and know that I’m doing my very best to keep things running as smoothly as possible! Thanks for understanding!

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