Christian Louboutin ‘Daffodil’ platforms in bright yellow

Quick Public Service Annoucement: the Christian Louboutin ‘Daffodil’ pumps are now available in bright yellow suede at Net-a-Porter, although probably not for long, because although these are $995, and only hit the site this morning, they’re already selling out fast.

NAP also currently has the Pigalle Spikes 120, which I would dye my hair for:

They still have these in my size. But they’re $1,095. Oh, for a lottery win!

Click here to buy them.


  • Just can’t warm to Daffodils – too much like a cross between fetish and special orthopaedic shoes or something.

    Pigalles though *sigh*

  • “helooooo lover…come to mama ” is what I’m thinking….but I’m afraid my bank account does not agree!!

  • Oh, I love both pairs, but the ones I’m literally drooling over are the spiked Pigalles. I’ve always liked the silver studded ones a lot (close to addoration, actually) but these black studded ones seem much more versatile. RRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr!!

  • Ohh they are both fantastic! I didn’t like Dafodil at first, because of the high platform, but now I’m a huge fan. Although I prefer the other colours.
    But these spiked Pigalles are amazing!!! I would love to buy them. Unfortunately I can’t afford them!

  • I love looking at Louboutin shoes but none seem comfortable enough for me to buy. I don’t believe beauty is pain, I should be able to look nice without my feet screaming in agony as soon as I put the shoes on lol However like always these shoes are amazingly beautiful!

  • The platform on the Daffodils is just much too big and unwieldy. It looks like a hoof, sharpened to a point in the front.

    This is one shoe that benefits greatly from larger calves and taller stature, in my opinion. They look massive on dainty legs.

    The Piggies are awesome on the other hand!

  • Attention shoe lovers: looking for a great cause to support this holiday? Christian Louboutin, the celebrity shoe designer whose name is basically synonymous with luxury and opulence, is shocking the fashion world this holiday season with his Peace of Shoe design. The shoe, a four-inch, peep toe heel featuring an oversized ribbon accent, is perfect for holiday parties, and benefits the Grameen Foundation whose mission is to fund small businesses in poor countries.

    Oh, and it carries a price tag well into four figures.

    What’s so interesting about the uber girly, festive and drool-worthy design is that Louboutin wasn’t inspired by the latest Hollywood starlet, singer or celebutante. In fact, the luxury footwear force was compelled to create a partnership with the Grameen Foundation after reading economics professor Muhammed Yunus’ book, “Creating a World Without Poverty”.

    It seems almost ironic that the man whose shoes retail for astronomical prices feels the need to help end world poverty. Although the partnership seems slightly unusual, in an unprecedented move for Louboutin, 100 percent of the proceeds – that’s every last penny of the Peace of Shoe’s $1495 price tag – will go directly to the Grameen Foundation. Louboutin is not collecting one cent of the shoe’s profits. That makes the sky-high price almost understandable – almost.

    All joking and irony aside, the shoe is undeniably beautiful. It comes in three perfectly seasonal shades of lavender, hot pink and champagne. The contrasting jeweled piping and large bow will surely make the style a celebrity favorite when it finally becomes available for purchase this month.

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