ASOS HUSH Colour Blocked Bow Platform Sandal

ASOS colourblock sandals

OK, that’s it, I’ve had enough.I thought I was, like, totally down with the whole colourblocking thing, I really did. I mean, I was even inspired to try some colour combinations of my own which I’d preciously never even dreamed of, and for me, that was kind of a Big Deal.

Today, though, I think I’ve discovered where my limit is with this trend, and it’s here, with the combination of orange, green and blue:

ASOS colurblocked sandals

I like all of these colours individually, but together they hurt my eyes. And honestly, an orange shoe with a green embellishment at this time of year is just BEGGING to be compared to a pumpkin, isn’t it?

All of that said, I do like the other two options for these Hush sandals from ASOS: black and pink and cream and silver are combinations that it’s hard to go wrong with, and I also like the contrast of the sequined straps on each shoe. I’ll now surprise you by saying I don’t love the shape of the bow on these, although I don’t hate it either.

What do you think of these? They’re £75 at ASOS.


  • So close, but not quite there for me. I’m not sure what’s bothering me: the ugly ‘bow’ or the colour combinations. I actually like neither one of them…

  • These are not shoes for me, I’m afraid. The bow is a bit weird, looks like a money bill rolled up and then picked in the middle… that was what it seems to me, but of course, I know others will have a different view and it’s OK – it’s just not for me!

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