Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin Charleen 100 patent-leather Mary Jane pumps

Christian Louboutin Charlene 100 Mary janes

Christian Louboutin Mary janes

Christian Louboutin Charleen 100 patent-leather Mary Jane pumps, £495

No one does a Mary Jane quite like Christian Louboutin. I mean, if you were to sat the words “white, round-toed Mary Jane pumps” to me, I’d immediately think of Alice in Wonderland, or some other “little girl” style of shoe. And, in this case at least, I’d be very, very wrong about that: not least because these aren’t actually white, are they?

The actual colour is described as “blush”, which suggests to me a very pale pink. On my monitor they look more of a beige/nude shade, but I’m going to quibble over it, because either way, they’re fabulous. Much of the success of this shoe – and Louboutin’s Mary Jane styles in general – revolves around the low placement of the Mary Jane strap on the foot. Many of the Mary Janes we see place the strap right over the bridge of the foot, which can – although it doesn’t ALWAYS – create that “girlish” look, which can be a little childish. Not this one, though: it’s placed closer to the vamp, emphasising the toe cleavage this shoe creates (I love a bit of toe cleavage…), and finishing with that cute little button to the side.

The heel, meanwhile, although “only” 100mm (Which is high by most standards, but short by Louboutin standards!), adds an extra bit of glamour, with the slight curve to the shape.  And although they’re beautiful to look at, that slightly lower heel, combined with the rounded toe and neutral colour, makes them the kind of shoe you won’t have to wait for a special occasion to wear: perhaps that will go some way towards justifying the £495 price tag!


Friday fix


  • I actually recommended these to my best friend for her wedding shoes, but she’s still hesitant to spend that much money on a pair of shoes. I guess we don’t have everything in common… :p

  • Aww, I’m wearing these for my wedding tomorrow.

    They are more pink then nude. I love them unconditionally. Maybe I’ll elope with them.

    I needed to learn walking in them, because they are higher then I’m used to. But it is possible. (I justify buying these since February.)

  • Wish I could still wear heels. 🙁 I think these are the ultimate shoes – they go with everything and always look appropriate. Fun? No, but they are classy and no one could fault you for wearing them with jeans or dresses.

  • Oh my gosh… I wish these were MY bridal shoes! The classic look would match so well with my vintage, romantic theme. Its painful how much I want these!

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