ASOS ‘Photoshoot’ blue pointed court shoes

blue suede shoes

ASOS ‘Photoshoot’, £45

There’s that shape I love!

Seriously, I don’t think it’s possible for me to see shoes like this and NOT want to show you them. The glorious, two-part shape would be enough on its own to guarantee them a mention here, but when that shape is covered in a fabulous, bright blue suede (or suede effect, as the case may be. Well, you wouldn’t expect to get the real thing for £45, would you?), I’m even more likely to love them.

These shoes are called ‘Photoshoot’, and they’re also available in black, with a gold buckle rather than a silver one. Speaking of the buckle: the thick ankle strap is the detail that sets these shoes apart from the many other pairs we’ve seen in the same style, and although ankle straps have never been my favourite feature on a shoe, I think this one works really well. It adds an extra dose of sex-appeal, and while it’s not exactly necessary – these shoes would still be pretty awesome without it – it’s something a little bit different: and will probably make them feel more secure when you’re wearing them, too.

These are an affordably-priced £45, and are available in a wide range of sizes, going all the way from the hard-to-find UK 2,(Great news for those of you with small feet!)  up to a size 9.

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