Miss Selfridge ‘Cherub’ bow strap sandals

Miss Selfridge 'Cherub' bow strap sandals

Miss Selfridge ‘Cherub’ bow strap sandals

These shoes are really testing the limits of my willpower. They’re yet another pair that I know I’d never, ever get the opportunity to wear (Or not unless I took to just wearing them with jeans all the time: which is definitely a possibility, don’t get me wrong…), but which I want to buy anyway, just because they’re beautiful. Which I guess is as good a reason as any when it comes to shoe buying, right?

These are by Miss Selfridge, they’re available in both pink and black (if you’re guessing I’d go for the hot pink, then you’re absolutely right: go to the top of the class.) (I’d happily take the black version, too, though, if money was no object. Oh, how I wish that money was no object!), and they’re £39 – which is right in that dangerous spot where they’re just cheap enough to be justified as as one of those, “Well, I’ve had a really bad week: I totally deserve something to cheer myself up!” purchases. Yes, I do that occasionally: don’t judge.

These have a high stiletto heel (The Miss Selfridge website doesn’t specify exactly how high it is, but my shoeper senses would estimate it to be at least 4″, possibly a little higher…), and four straps across the foot, each with their own little bow. Luckily, you can just slip the sandals on and off via a zip at the back of the heel, so there are no individual straps to be done up: it’s a small point, I know, but I once bought a pair of shoes with something like five different (tiny) buckles to be done up on each foot, and wow, but that got old fast! Anyway, that’s not the case here, happily, so you can just enjoy wearing them – I know I would!

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