Ted Baker brooch detail wool court shoes

Ted Baker brooch detail wool court shoes

Ted Baker brooch detail wool court shoes

Ted Baker have what I think is a very clever way of selling shoes: they don’t generally have a ton of different styles available at any given time, but the styles they do have tend to be:

a) Drop-dead gorgeous


b) Available in a huge variety of different colours.

I know some people might consider this a little boring, but I beg to differ, because, just before I came across these beauties, I spent absolutely ages trawling through various different retail websites, most of which contained dozens of very similar, or kind of non-descript shoes, which did absolutely nothing to gran my attention, and made these seem like a breathe of fresh air. I’m also the kind of person who, having found a style I like, will immediately want to wear nothing BUT that style, and to own in in every colour imaginable, so, well, you can probably see why the Ted Baker model appeals to me, can’t you?

These brooch detail court shoes come in no less than seven different shaded. They’re all gorgeous, of course, but I’ve picked this grey wool version to show you today, mostly because it’s a little more unusual than some of the other shades. The wool upper does make these seem a little more suitable for autumn/winter than for spring/summer, but only a little bit, and I’m sure they’ll be just as easy to wear now as they will later in the year. If you’re not keen on the grey, I also love the pale pink version of these: they also have a wool upper (as do all of the other colours in this particular style), but the colour is much more summery. With that said, seven different colours means you’re spoilt for choice with these shoes: one for every season, maybe?

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