The Two Sides of Miu Miu shoes

Miu Miu Forma Crystal-Embellished Sandals

Miu Miu Forma Crystal-Embellished Sandals

I sometimes find it hard to believe that the same brand that came up with the beautiful, baby blue shoes above, also came up with these:

furry Miu Miu shoes

Miu Miu furry pearlescent sandals

And as part of the same collection, too! Now, I mean no offence to those who love the second pair – everyone’s taste is different, obviously, and I’m sure you probably dislike the top pair as much as I like them – but they honestly look like some kind of spoof photo that someone started circulating on Facebook as a joke or something. And, I mean, I’m sure the fur is nice and comfortable (Albeit ever so slightly perplexing, given that it’s attached to a barely-there sandal), but I can’t help thinking how filthy and smelly it would get once it had had a sweaty foot on top of it all day long. Er, sorry for lowering the tone, there: maybe most people’s feet don’t sweat?

Anyway! As I always say when I come across shoes like this, my opinion on them is pretty much irrelevant, as I’m not nearly trendy enough (or rich enough, for that matter!) to be part of the target audience here, so I’ll just go back to drooling over the first pair, shall I? Those are much more to my taste: I love the pale blue satin upper, and the crystal embellishment on the toe is just perfect. I do have one small quibble – and I always say this, too, so I’m sure you already know what’s coming, if you’re a regular reader – and it’s the shape of the heel. Yes, it’s very Miu Miu, and I get that they like to be different, but I personally prefer my stilettos to be the regular shape, without the flared section at the bottom, which always reminds me of those “heel stoppers” you get to stop your heels sinking into grass. That’s just me, though, and it doesn’t stop these being  really beautiful pair of shoes: what do you think?

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  • I agree with you completely. I really don’t “get” the fur-on-the-outside-of-the-shoe trend. My reaction is always “eeeeeeeuuuuuwwwwwwww gross!” for soooooooooooo many reasons! And I agree with you regarding the heel. I “get” that maybe the designer is trying for something different, but to me, it dates the shos and to be honest, distracts the eye and detracts from the overall impact of the shoe. Hmmmmm, now that I’ve said that, I don’t like the shoe at all any more………….whew!

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