ASOS ‘Pump It Up’ green suede platform shoes

If I hadn’t already bought two pairs of green shoes already this year (Er, it sounds pretty bad when you put it like that, doesn’t it?) I can guarantee that these babies would be on their way to me as I write this. In fact, it’s testament to the level of my obsession that even ALTHOUGH I’ve already bought two pairs of green suede shoes this year, I STILL want these. I may need an intervention. Or maybe I just need the blue version:

After all, I don’t currently own ANY blue suede shoes, and that suddenly seems all kinds of wrong to me.

These are Β£55. Click here to buy them, and please, do it quickly, before I can get to them…


  • ahhhhhhh so gorgeous in greeen!! currently obsessed with green, in shoes…don’t know why, but I just fancy a big of bright colour on my feet. These are so pretty

  • So pretty but I avoid suede shoes. πŸ™

    1) I live in Glasgow, it’s currently chucking it down. I wore a pair of canvas flats outside and my feet are now soaked.

    2) There’s no way those shoes would survive the scum from the dance floor of the student union.

    Patent all the way! Waterproof, easy to wipe clean and oh-so-shiny.

  • I just read someone saying “I’ll never have enough shoes”, so don’t feel guilty! You bought two pairs of green shoes this year, but buy one more if you feel like, because they are lovely! In blue as well, the style is really beautiful!

  • Beautiful shoes! I prefer it in green but I would be tempted to buy both.
    It’s true, “we’ll never have enough shoes”, it’s just our nature! πŸ™‚

  • No Blue suede shoes??? You must get these!! (if the evil bank is allowing you that is) I love Blue and Green shoes, and these are lovely in both.
    Steve Madden has a very similar design, and I’ve been lusting after the green pair for a while now πŸ™

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