Versace 160mm studded suede and mesh wedges

Versace suede and mesh wedges

I’m showing you the back view of these shoes first, because I think I already know what you’re going to say about the front/side:

Versace perspex wedges

And now I’m going to start a drinking game whereby I get to take a shot every time someone uses the phrase “stripper shoes” in the comments. Please try not to get me TOO drunk…

(Oh: they’re £1116, in case you were wondering. And you can click here to buy them.)


  • They are pretty stripper-tastic. (Hah! Saved you from that shot.) Then again, the only thing I like about these shoes are the black and the studs. That’s it. Mesh, a peep toe boot/ sandal hybrid, the strippertastic sole and the cheap looking plastic middle platform all put these VERY firmly on my “too tacky for even a classy stripper” list.

  • Too much coverage for stripper shoes (drink!). I cannot understand how a shoe designer thinks someone will pay over a thousand pounds for a plastic heel!

  • stripper shoes!! ahaha but yes they truly are. I guess it’s fine if that’s what you’re going for….. :s

  • those are amazing! i love black strappy shoes anyway but the studs and mesh just make them even better, and the sole would make it look like you were floating from a distance. the people who say theyre tacky are too conservative 😛 id so get them if i had a spare thousand pounds xoxo

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