Topshop ‘Script’ bright pink high vamp wedges

I really want to like these shoes: I admire any shoe that combines a bold colour with an equally bold shape, purely for the sheer daring of it. These shoes are all, “Yeah, we’re probably the brightest, chunkiest shoes you’ll see all week: SO?” I like that about them.

But. I have two reservations:

1. While there are lots of people out there who’d be able to carry off this style of shoe with aplomb, I am not one of them.

2. I think they’d make me look like a lamp – i.e. huge feet/base and then my body rising up from them like a lamp stand.

I don’t normally tend to base my appearance around household furniture (well, not ALL the time, anyway), so there are definitely not for me. If they are for you, however, you can click here to buy them from Topshop, where they’re £70.


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